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COMPACT UNIQUE DESIGN: Hydrotech Asia High Speed Bio Tech. - MBBR systems.

FEATURES: Easy installation, quick start up, self cleaning, automatic sludge separation, robust operation with central up-front panel. Hydrotech Asia specializes in Compact Packaged WWTP's for the Domestic and the Industrial wastewater market. Customized treatment systems are also available implementing Hydrotech Asia High Speed MBBR Packaged Systems Technology. Our High Speed MBBR Packaged systems are fully automatic and incorporate their own PLC. Control for complete independence from other works. PLC. control panels are standard for both sewage and industrial wastewater systems.

Hydrotech Asia will combine "Technical Solutions" with extensive experience in both production and WWTP operations. This includes water treatment with Media Filtration, UF, RO. Filtration membranes and Waste-Water treatment with the MBBR process for high quality effluent and reuse possibilities on a very small footprint.


Hydrotech Asia also specializes in manufacturing a complete line of RO systems, Desalination-Brackish, UF, DM, filtration systems (any size). Hydrotech Asia Package MBBR WWTP's are extremely compact, meets stringent constant effluent standards, low capital and operational costs, modular systems, quick installation, and easy start-up, ready to be operated, will handle shock loading, ammonia and nutrient removal as well, can easily be moved around. Additional systems can be added in a series to expand the WWTP.

Model 40F-3 Packaged MBBR system ready for shipment.

Packaged MBBR systems installation KSA.

Hydrotech Asia Operations Ltd. : Our main focus is based on high quality and efficiency producing unique and fully automatic systems, products that are reliable for a long operational life. We offer service and installations worldwide. 



MBBR - GEM Installation PepsiCo KSA.

RO - Desalination Unit.

Package MBBR - GEM Installation KSA.

Package MBBR - GEM Installation PepsiCo KSA.

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