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Hydrotech Asia Operations Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company managed by highly experienced professionals from the water and wastewater industry. Hydrotech Asia Operations Ltd. was established in the year 2003.

With the vast knowledge and experience of our engineering group and global strategic partners Hydrotech Asia Operations Ltd. can offer the latest in technology as well as reliable, customized, cost effective solutions to our customers factory direct.

Hydrotech Asia Operations Ltd. main core of business is, engineering and manufacturing of our MBBR technology for sewage / bio wastewater.


Hydrotech Asia Operations Ltd. also specializes in RO Technologies desalination / brackish, any size, as well as “GEM” technologies which replaces “DAF” systems please click on “GEM” systems for more information.

Hydrotech Asia Operations Ltd. continuously applies innovative and cost effective technologies for wastewater / water treatment, highly competitive pricing which we pass on to our customers.

We strive to work with our customers as a team, to deliver systems which incorporates our customer’s business goals.

Our mission is to provide the most cost effective solutions that will benefit our customers’ needs with no compromise on systems quality, bottom line systems which is guaranteed to work.


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Hydrotech Asia Operations Ltd.

Thailand Tel / Fax : 66-056779194 | Mobile Direct : +66-81-7645179
E-mail: info@hydrotech-asia.com | Website: www.hydrotech-asia.com